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Enhance Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Take Your Customer Service to the Next Level with Video Communication. Go beyond traditional text and voice communication by establishing instant and face-to-face communication with your customers through video calls. Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing a more personalized service experience.

Protect Your Data with Secure Video Calls

Safeguard your data by utilizing our local data center in Turkey or
on-premise deployment options, ensuring compliance with your legal obligations. Maximize the security of your communication to the highest level with advanced security features such as end-to-end encryption and recording confirmation.

Have a Unique Communication Prototype to Enhance Productivity

Provide your customers and your field teams with the opportunity to make video calls at any location and through any device as they wish, without requiring an application or plug-in. Monitor your calls by making use of real-time analysis and reports, and assess your productivity and service quality on instant basis. Utulize your tacit knowledge and assets by video colloboration in the most effective manner to boost operational productivity.

A More Customized, More Productive and More Effective  
Customer Experience.

Call Routing:

Route your active calls to the most suitable agent without signing off your user in the platform, ensuring that the questions are answered quickly and accurately.

Customized Queue Management:

Rapidly and effectively route calls while minimizing waiting time with our tailored queue structure designed to meet your specific needs.

Scalable Configuration:

Seamlessly adapt to the growing number of users and traffic load with its scalable structure that aligns with your specific needs.


Enable user logins with your corporate accounts through LDAP/Active Directory and Single Sign-On (SSO) integration.

User-Friendly Interface:

Add agents to the platform, assign them to specific groups or roles. Easily manage users, agents, categories and other settings from one centralized panel.

High Interaction:

Enrich the communication by making use of the interaction features such as screen sharing, automatic call record initiation, chat, survey, remote desktop management, note-taking option.


Seamlessly connect to your existing applications through its API-based structure. Use your corporate logo and domain name, and incorporate custom messages and texts specific to your organization on communication forms and customer screens.

High-Quality Video and Audio:

Have your calls with high-quality video and audio. Adapt to the changing network conditions automatically by optimizing the video quality.,

Detailed Reporting:

Analyze the number of calls made by agents or departments, as well as the waiting and call durations, routed and missed calls, in real-time or within a specific date range of your choice. Generate detailed reports on the waiting, call, break, and idle times of your agents, allowing you to evaluate and assess your performance effectively.


Keep your communication secure by making use of the detailed security settings such as end-to-end encryption, password protection, personal link, waiting room and video record confirmation.