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Manage Your Video Contents and Live Streams in One End-to-End Platform.

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Enhance Your Communication by Customizable and Flexible Configuration

Build a video platform reflecting your own identity, with your own logo and domain name. Manage your training, collaboration, corporate communication, marketing and service videos on a unified platform. Share them readily with your staff, business partners and customers to enhance the interactivity.

Manage Your Video Contents Readily and Enhance the Interaction

Create a video library exclusive to your enterprise. Manage your video contents effectively through customizable channels, create playlists to distribute the contents, as you choose, collectively and readily. Enhance the engagement and user experience by surveys, comments, likes, highlights and customizable watch lists.

Organize Live-Streams and Events With Broad Participation

Broadcast, record, re-broadcast your live-streams and webinars through the platform and / or on the social media platforms simultaneously. Provide an uninterrupted and high-quality viewing experience by adaptive bit rate bandwidth and network laod balancing needed when participations get high in numbers. Gather information about connected devices as to how many times and when and how long such videos and live-streams were viewed with the general and custom detailed reports . Monitor your performance accordingly.

Enhance internal communication, promote your client relations and raise the  awereness of your brand.

Flexible Deployment:

Select the most favorable deployment method to comply with the security and privacy requirements of your enterprise. Choose among SaaS, PaaS, private cloud, hybrid or on-premise installation options.

High Engagement:

Promote the interactivity by engagement tools such as surveys, comments, likes, share, watch later, highlights, subscribe to the channel and playlist.

Video Editing:

Cut, split, combine and customize videos as you need by Vimesoft studio features.

High-Quality Video and Audio:

Broadcast you catch up and live video content with high resolution video and audio quality. Adapt to the network imbalances automatically by adoptive bit rate technology.


Enable login through your corporate accounts by means of LDAP/Active Directory and SSO integration.


Take control of your own video contents and data. Keep your communication secure by means of the detailed security settings such as end-to-end encryption, password protection, user and group management, channel manager assignment and user-based access to the contents.

User-Friendly Interface:

Access to catch up and live content by any device and over any browser at your convenience of time. Create customizable channels and playlists based on personalization algorithms.

Scalable Configuration:

Keep pace readily with the increasing number of users and traffic load thanks enterprise grade scaling solutions.

Enterprise CDN:

Reduce bandwidth load by peer to peer IP streaming structure. Distribute your catch up and live video contents by a local content delivery network working over your LAN/WAN.

Detailed Reporting:

Gather information about connected devices as to how many times and when and how long such videos and live-streams were viewed with the general and custom tailered reports . Monitor your performance accordingly.