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By protecting the visitors' right of privacy and right of protection of personal data, the website which is owned by VIMESOFT BILGI TEKNOLOJILERI VE YAZILIM ANONIM SIRKETI (the “Company”) and which can be accessed through the link (the "Website"), processes the personal data of such visitors and uses cookies for the purpose of providing the visitors with a better user experience. This Cookie Policy (the "Policy") enlightens all our Website visitors about the types of the cookies being used as well as the circumstances in which such cookies are used.


This Policy shall apply irrespective of the technologies, methods and manner you are connected to the Website. Thus, we hereby advise you to obtain a copy of this Policy for the purpose of reading and checking it carefully in future.



If you are under 18, then you need to visit the Website by being accompanied by your parents. You should not make use of this Website and share any of your personal data unless you are accompanied by your parents.


What are Cookies and For Which Purposes are They Used?


Cookies are small data storage files which are recorded into the computer, mobile phone, tablet or any such other mobile device, you use for accessing to such website, by the website you visit. Such files store the details about your Website surfing. Thus, the devices, you use for access, will recall such data when you will make use of the Website again. Hence, cookies are necessary and essential for enabling you to make use of the Website effectively and easier. Cookies are also used for enabling us to provide you with more favorable services, products or offers on the Website and the websites of third parties.


Use of cookies is primarily based on;





What Type of Your Data is Processed By Us By Means of Cookies?


Depending on their types, cookies, in general, collect the data with respect to your browsing and use preferences on the device through which you access to the Website. Such data include the pages you have accessed, our services and products you have viewed, and all details about your surfing on the Website.


What Type of Cookies We Use and the Way of Use of Such Cookies?


We use cookies of various types on the Website. Such cookies are the cookies that are essential to be used for ensuring the functioning of the Website, functionality cookies, analysis/performance cookies and targeting/advertising cookies.




Cookies Essential To Be Used: These cookies are the cookies that are strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the Website. Such cookies are required for managing the system and preventing any fictitious transaction, and otherwise the Website would not function.


Functionality Cookies: These cookies are the cookies that are used to enable you to have a more advanced and easier user experience. For example, such cookies execute the functionalities to recall your previous preferences and enable you to readily access to some contents available on the Website. You can decline the use of such cookies as described in detail as follows.


Analysis/Performance Cookies: These cookies enable us to analyze and understand how you make use of the Website and to develop the Website by interacting with you. You can decline the use of such cookies as described in detail as follows.


Targeting/Advertising Cookies: These cookies are used for enabling us to detect and offer you the contents that would attract your attention, including the advertisement contents. You can decline the use of such cookies as described in detail as follows. However, the declining such cookies will not decline the advertisement contents wholly, instead of the advertisements that would attract your attention, only the advertisements with general content will be offered.




Persistent Cookies: The cookies that continue to exist on the computer of the individual until a certain date or being deleted by the user. Such cookies are mostly used for the purpose of evaluating the website movements and preferences of the users.


Session Cookies: These cookies are used for dividing the visit of the user into sessions, and they do not collect any data from the user. Such cookies will be deleted when the user closes the website s/he has visited or when remained idle for a certain period.


Targeting and tracking cookies are used for the purpose of providing assistance for the provision of the service, in particular the advertising services of third parties, on the Website, and also for enhancing the effectiveness of such services. Such cookies can remember the web pages and sites you have visited, and collect personal data, in particular the IP address of the device of the user.


The Website uses both first party and third party cookies for the purpose of collecting information, recalling your interests and demographical data, offering targeted advertisements to you, improving the advertisements and determining the number of the visits and display of advertisements and such other use of the advertising services and the ratio between the interactions in relation to the advertising services.


The Website makes use of the social add-ins that provides connection to the social networks such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. When you visit the Website and make use of such add-ins, the Website will connect directly to the server of such selected social network. Thereafter, the content provided by such add-in will be forwarded to your web browser directly from such social network, and it will be added on to the website you are visiting. Thus, such social network can access to and process your data, and it may combine such data with the data available in your account in such social network.


Please remember that we do not have any effect and control on the scope of the data processed by social networks through the add-ins. Please carefully check the policies for processing personal data, issued by the social networks, for obtaining further information about the purpose of processing of your personal data by the social networks and the methods for and the periods of processing such personal data.


How To Decline the Use of Cookies?


Use of cookies enables the Website to provide better service; however, you can decline the use of cookies if and when you wish to do so. However, please note that the site would not function properly and you might not make use of all features in such case. For declining the use of cookies, you need to change the settings of the Internet browser you use. Such changes vary depending on the device and the Internet browser you use. Details about the steps to be followed for declining the use of cookies through various Internet browsers are given herein below:



In addition to the foregoing, you can decline cookies either manually by means of the application available on the URL address, or automatically by making use of the settings of such application.


You can delete all cookies, left by the websites you have visited, by means of any third party software as well.


Contact Us


You can contact us through any of the means of communication given herein below for forwarding any and all inquiries and opinions with respect to the Policy:
Telephone Number: +90 850 305 15 73
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