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Experience Flexible Deployment, Secure Communication and Ease of Use Together

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Ensure Compliance with the Applicable Regulations Through Flexible Installation

Comply with the security and privacy requirements as stipulated by your data regulations by flexiable deployment options; private cloud, hybrid or on-premise installations . Take control and destiny of your data entirely.

Protect Your Data By Secure Communication

Secure and take control of your data during confidential and private communications by making use of the detailed security settings such as end-to-end encryption, password protection, personal link, waiting room and recording authentication.

Enhance Productivity With Ease of Use

Connect at any location and device by mobile and web browsers without any extentions, application or plug-in: Take rapid actions by moderator management. Promote teamwork collaboration with screen sharing, white board, surveys, group and personal chat.


Promote Teamwork and
Enhance Collaboration.

High Interaction:

Promote your teamwork by making use of the collaboration features such as surveys, screen sharing, white board, remote desktop management, group and personal chat, simultaneous translation, shifting to live mode.

User-Friendly Interface:

Hold meetings up to 80 users and 1000 participants on a single screen, link the meeting with a single-click, and optional use of virtual or blurred backgrounds. Record your meetings on your local server or cloud server for archiving and re-use.


Integrate easily with your current applications by API-based configuration. Incorporate your own corporate logo and domain name, and add messages and texts, specific to your enterprise, to meeting invitations and notifications.

Detailed Reporting:

Evaluate the performance of the meetings by detailed information and reports such as the total and user-based participation periods, camera and microphone uses, shared contents and bulk messages.

High-Quality Video and Audio:

Enjoy your meetings with high-resolution video and audio quality. Adapt to the changing network workloads automatically by optimizing the video quality.


Enable login through your corporate accounts by means of LDAP/Active Directory and SSO integration. Schedule and post meetings through Outlook integration in addition to your corporate e-mail notices.

Scalable Configuration:

Scale the deployment easly as the number of users and traffic load increase.


Keep your communication secure by making use of the detailed security settings such as end-to-end encryption, password protection, personal link, waiting room and video record confirmation.