Video Conferencing
Reduce Costs, Increase Efficiency
in a Secure Infrastructure!
Thanks to Vimesoft-conferencing system, you can hold more meetings in a shorter period of time, speed up decision-making processes, and increase work efficiency by eliminating the physical fatigue caused by business trips.
Reduce Costs, Increase Efficiency in a Secure Infrastructure!
Thanks to Vimesoft Video Conferencing System, you can organize meetings with higher participation by minimizing the cost, time and location dependency problems and connecting to video conferencing with different devices at locations such as office, home or outdoor.
  • High Security:
  • Installation in Cloud or On-Premise Infrastructure
  • Domestic/ National Technology
  • High Quality Video and Audio Quality
Modernize Your Habits with Video Conferencing Capabilities
  • End-to-End Encryption Technology
  • Communication with Secure Protocols
  • LPPD, etc. Compliance with Sectoral Regulations
  • Ability to Determine Meeting Attendance Password
  • On-Premise Installation Option
  • Cloud Server Option in Turkey
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Video Quality and Network Optimization based on Bandwidth
User friendly
  • Simple Screens and Easy to Use
  • Different Language Options
  • Conference Screen Layout Templates (Presentation, Drag/ Drop, Sharing, Virtual Classroom)
  • Participation on Mobile/ Web Browsers Without the Need to Install an Application
  • iOS/ Android Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Application File Sharing Specific to the Organization
  • Connection through Any Device such as PC, Laptop, Smart Phone and Tablet
Our Highlights
  • Opportunity to make voice and video calls up to 80 users on a single screen
  • Survey and reporting during the conference
  • Interactive meeting with synchronous whiteboard
  • With the live broadcast module, live broadcasting and reporting of the conference to social media accounts or a special broadcast environment
  • Simultaneous Translation in Conference Call with Unlimited Language Options
Conference Features
  • One-to-One or Bulk Messaging
  • Taking Notes/ Downloading during the Conference
  • Moderator Management for Giving right to Speak, Authorization of Microphones and Cameras etc.
  • Ability to Record Video Conference Calls
  • Ensuring Security of Conference Records
  • Waiting Room
Content Shares
  • Make Presentations by Sharing documents in PowerPoint, Word, Excel, PDF etc. during the Conference
  • Make Your Presentations Interactive with the Drawing Palette on the Shared Document
  • Share Screen Simultaneously with Desktop Sharing
  • Manage the Counterpart's Desktop during a Conference Call Within the Scope of Authorization with Remote Desktop Management
Management & Reporting
  • Schedule a Conference and Invite Attendees
  • Send Automatic Reminder Notifications to Conference Attendees (Once the conference is created, 30 minutes and 10 minutes before)
  • Report Participant Actions in the Conference (Total and User Based Participation Times, Camera/ Microphone or Content Sharing, Bulk Messages, Conference Records etc.)
  • View General Conference Statistics and Reports
SIP / Fixed Line Connection
  • Join Video Conference Calls via Audio from Fixed Line Numbers thanks to SIP Integration  (Toll-Free)
  • Participate in The Conference At Any Time From Any Location With The Phone Call Without The Need Of An Application Or Internet Connection
Integration Capabilities
  • Submit Notifications Sent within Video Conferencing System from Your Corporate Accounts thanks to Corporate E-Mail and SMS Integration
  • Make your User Log In to Your Video Conferencing System with Your Corporate Accounts with LDAP/ Active Directory or SSO Authentication Integration
  • Outlook and Gmail Calendar Integration
Distinguish Your Corporate Communication Processes with Vimesoft
  • Custom Display Designs with Corporate Logo and Colors
Flexible Licensing
  • Purchase or Leasing Option
  • License Model Based on Concurrent Participant Number
Company Management
  • Management of Different Companies  Under One Structure
  • Company Based Authorization and Reporting
Maintenance & Support
  • 24/7 Professional Customer Support
  • Regular Security Testing / Code Analysis and System Updates
  • Public Sector References such as Ministries  and General Directorates
  • Private Sector References such as Financial Companies, Holdings, Hospitals and Educational Institutions
Additional Needs
  • Additional Development and Integration Capabilities That Can Be Performed According to Customer Needs
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