Remote Education
Increase Interaction, Accessibility and Efficiency with Remote Education!
Vimesoft Remote Education System enables you to increase the quality and accessibility of the trainings by managing online all your processes, from the training application to the award of a certificate specially designed for your company with a verification code to the participants after the training.
Increase Interaction, Accessibility and Efficiency with Remote Education
Vimesoft Remote Education System allows you to plan the training of all your employees, speed up the assessment and evaluation processes by assignments and questionnaire and, most importantly, reduce your costs through a central management.
  • Installation in Cloud or On-Premise Infrastructure
  • Domestic/ National Technology
  • Digital Education Process Management
  • Detailed Training Reports
Increase Success Rates Through Feedback and Continuity of Trainings
  • End-to-End Encryption Technology
  • Communication with Secure Protocols
  • LPPD, etc. Compliance with Sectoral Regulations
  • On-Premise Installation Option
  • Cloud Server Option in Turkey
  • Positioning in Hybrid Infrastructure with On-Premise and Cloud Server
  • Quick and Easy Installation
User friendly
  • Simple Screens and Easy to Use
  • Different Language Options
  • Training Completion Status and Follow-Up Rates in Percentage
  • Training Certificate Templates That Can Be Custom Designed For The Company
  • Video Quality and Network Optimization According to Bandwidth in Educational Videos
  • Ability to Track Trainings on Mobile/ Web Browsers Without the Need to Install an Application
Training Contents
  • Question Bank (Multiple Choice, Comment (Open End), Questionnaire and True-False)
  • SCORM Packages, Videos, Exams, Assignments, Questionnaires and Lecture Notes
  • News, Announcements, Legislation and Frequently Asked Questions
Education System Features
  • Paid Training Option
  • Online Error/ Request Notification Platform
  • Detailed Process Tracking and Management of Physical/ Face to Face Training
  • Interactive and Synchronous Trainings with Virtual Classroom/ Webinar System
  • Display Questions/ Exams Over Videos at Certain Times
  • Enable Taking Different Actions According to the Answers Given to the Questions Over the Video
  • Fast Forward or Backward/ Replay, Auto Stop or Close Video etc.
  •  Prevent Backward/ Forward Winding of Training Videos
  • Get Detailed Training Reporting and Analytics
  • Total Participation, Video Viewing Rates, Most Viewed Parts of Videos, Questions Answered Most Correctly/ Wrongly, and Total Success Rate, etc.)
  • Get detailed reports related to all kinds of actions made by the users on the training videos (drag forward / backward, volume on/ off, etc.)
  • View General Training Statistics, Results and Reports
Training Management and Planning
  • Plan Your Trainings on a Monthly/ Yearly Basis and Create a Training Calendar,
  • Collect Additional Information or Documents (Diploma, Certificate, etc.) by Designing a Dynamic Training Application Form for Each Training Separately
  • Create Training Units from Your SCORM Packages, Videos, Questionnaires and Documents
  • Set Different Passing Criteria Between Training Units (Total Video Viewing Time/ Rate, Question/ Exam Success Rate over Video, Exam Success Independent from Video, Questionnaire/ Assignment Completion)
  • Award Training Certification with QR/ Verification Code to be Uploaded Separately for each Training and Automatically Generated After Training in a customized way for the User and Make Certificate Archives Available 
Integration Capabilities
  • Submit Notifications Sent within the System from Your Corporate Accounts thanks to Corporate E-Mail and SMS Integration
  • Make your User Log In with Your Corporate Accounts with LDAP/ Active Directory or SSO Authentication Integration
  • Enable Viewing Your Trainings on Your Corporate Calendars with Outlook and Gmail Calendar Integration
  • Provide Paid Trainings and Earn Profit with the Payment Integration (Example: Virtual POS)
  • Have Ease of Integration with IT, Finance and Human Resources Units (Reporting, Fee and Training Participation Information, etc.)
Training Management with its Easy, Fast and Flexible Structure
  • Custom Display Designs with Corporate Logo and Colors
Flexible Licensing
  • Purchase or Leasing Option
  • License Model Based on Concurrent Participant Number
User Management
  • User/ Group Based Authorization and Reporting
  • Training Assignment Based on User, Group and Title
Maintenance & Support
  • 24/7 Professional Customer Support
  • Regular Security Testing / Code Analysis and System Updates
  • Public Sector References such as Ministries and General Directorates
  • Private Sector References such as Financial Companies, Holdings, Hospitals and Educational Institutions
Additional Needs
  • Additional Development and Integration Capabilities That Can Be Performed According to Customer Needs
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